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We build custom education softwares that encompasses almost all education needs, automating operations and processes from enrollment, payment, result processing to e-learning.

Retail & commerce

We buid custom solutions that help merchants better automate retail, reduce inefficiencies and increase productivity. We offer them solutions that help them do things different and better.

Street Light Installation and Maintenance

Street lighting enhances visibility at night through artificial lighting decreases stress on driving and makes sure comfort.


We design and develop secure banking and finance enterprise solutions that transform your business. We tailor our banking and finance software development exactly to your needs.


From secure peer-to-peer payments, immediate microtransactions to self-executing smart contracts, we helps both startups and established businesses build networks on blockchain.

Artificial intelligence

We convert your AI Vision into a reality by applying our intelligence and experience in Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Sharing economy

We build software solutions that power digital sharing economies, create new markets, produce millions of job opportunities, and revives “sharing” – as a scalable tech business model.

CCTV Installation and Maintenance

CCTV camera is a fundamental tool that helps keep your property secure even in your absence. They can even be installed in schools, hospitals and whenever is in need of security.

Solar Panel Installation and Maintenance

Solar systems are made up of solar panels (modules), a mounting system, and a solar inverter with computerised controller. Solar panels produce DC electricity from sunlight.