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Posted on: 24 Feb, 2023


ACAD-PORTAL is a web-based school ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) management developed by WebberTm to help automate the internal workflow of any school. It aids substantially easy record keeping, assessment and efficiency.


The Portal possesses the following features:

  • CBT Exam/test

  • Online Payment Gateway

  • SMS integration

  • Parents Teachers Students Portal

  • Time-table Result and ID Card Management

  • Admission Management 

  • Student Attendance 

  • E-learning system

CBT EXAMS/TEST: With ACAD-PORTAL, students can easily take CBT EXAMS AND TEST. No paper is required and results from the test can be immediately gotten.

ONLINE PAYMENT GATEWAYS: A payment gateway is a technology used to accept debit or credit card payments from customers. The online payment gateways provide an easy means to accept school fees payment and other necessary school dues. Payments are also easily collated when this medium is put to use.

SMS INTEGRATION: Allow your company to relieve you of the stress of manually sending messages, and easily send bulk messages with the portal.

TIMETABLE, RESULT AND ID CARD MANAGEMENT: another awesome feature of our portal. Get results easily collated and create timetables with a few clicks.

ADMISSION MANAGEMENT: Easily take vital details of students through the ACAD-PORTAL platform and have these records permanently saved and accessible at any point in time.

STUDENTS' ATTENDANCE: ACAD-PORTAL helps you eliminate the use of paper registers which in the long run will be unreliable. Students' attendance can also be taken using the portal. 

E-LEARNING SYSTEM: E-learning definition is defined as providing Training and development to Students/Employees through various Electronic media such as the Internet, audio, video, etc. With E-learning, teaching can be based in or out of the Classrooms, with the use of computers and the Internet.

Paper works are so unreliable!

Papers easily get missing or destroyed, hence, resulting in losing important data. Thus,  portraying the inefficiency and unreliability of any organisation.

Just like you, we do not want that for your school.

Our company seeks to relieve you of the burdens that come with reliance on paperwork, so we created the most efficient electronic database management portal, anyone can find in Nigeria.

With ACAD-PORTAL, the entirety of these services are offered with ease, hence, there will be no need to resort to paper works. Thereby, making record keeping and assessment easily attainable and more efficient.

Time to drop paper works and move to the automated system of the Future!

Let WebberTm help you.

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